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Shootout on Oslo's North Side
Date&Written by:(13.08.2007- Karan)
Three men were shot, stabbed and run down by a car in what police are calling a "grotesque" battle within Oslo's Tamil community late Sunday afternoon.  More...

Six injured in fighting between Sri Lankans in Zurich
Date&Written by:(02.05.2007- Karan)
Swiss police said on Tuesday that six Sri Lankans were injured when fighting broke out among rival groups from the Indian Ocean island after a May Day parade in the city of Zurich.  More...

Two suspected Tamil Tigers arrested in Australia
Date&Written by:(01.05.2007- Karan)
Two suspected members of Sri Lanka's separatist Tamil Tiger rebel group were Tuesday arrested in Australia and charged with funnelling money to a terrorist organisation, police said.  More...

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Date&Written by:(21.04.2007- Karan)
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Visa For Refugees OR Humanitarian Entrant
Date&Written by:(14.10.2006- Karan)
Australian Government is giving Visa to people affected by war, only a limited number of visa will be issued.  More...

14 European Countries Into CIA Flights Involve - Under It Germany
Date&Written by:(07.6.2006- Karan)
Advice Investigater of Europe: In the case el Masri mixed Germans together. In addition CIA machines started in Frankfurt and Ramstein.  More...

Number Two Praises Iraq Terrorist
Date&Written by:(29.4.2006- Karan)
Al Qaida terrorist Aiman Al-Sawahiri announces itself by video toward.  More...

Rapid Ice Melt: Do The Coastal Towns Sink Soon In The Sea?
Date&Written by:(25.3.2006- Karan)
By the ground electrode warming inundations threaten. Climate conditions could develop as after the ice age before approximately 130,000 years.  More...

Espionage Axle Moscow - Bagdad
Date&Written by:(25.3.2006- Karan)
Kremlin is to have supplied Saddam in the Iraq war with information.  More...

Pirate Attack US Navy
Date&Written by:(20.3.2006- Karan)
Before Somalia Pirate fire at a cruiser and a destroyer.   More...

US Journalist Unmasks CIA Agents Simply Over The InterNet
Date&Written by:(14.3.2006- Karan)
Thousands of names and numbers were simple to determine. CIA-Boss Goss is "frightened".  More...

Iran Began Allegedly With Uranium Enrichment
Date&Written by:(13.02.2006- Karan)
Teheran lets the atomic controversy escalate further: According to diplomats the regime fills its centrifuges with gas.  More...

Al Zawahiri Has Been Public Face of Al-Qaida
Date&Written by:(14.01.2006- Karan)
Al-Qaida's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is second after Osama bin Laden on the F.B.I's list of most wanted terrorists.This image...  More...

Iran President Discusses Nuclear Standoff in Rare News Conference
Date&Written by:(14.01.2006- Karan)
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Islamic republic has every right to possess nuclear technology and is not...  More...

Bush, German Chancellor Angela Merkel Discuss Iran
Date&Written by:(14.01.2006- Karan)
President Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel say they will continue working together to convince Iran not to develop nuclear.  More...

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