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Update-Alarm für XP und Office
Date&Written by:(16.02.2007- Suba)
Microsoft macht endlich alle Hintertürchen für Hacker dicht: 20 Sicherheitslücken in Windows, Office und dem Internet Explorer werden gestopft.  More...

"An Obligation Download"
Date&Written by:(06.01.2006- Karan)
Microsoft closes gap. A safety update against as critically classified weak point is available for the Download - a "obligation down load" for all Windows users.  More...

Trojan Wishes "Glad Celebration"
Date&Written by:(22.12.2005- Karan)
Caution with Christmas greeting by Mail: A dangerous parasit lures with Christmas animations, in order to come to personal secret data. Dangerous Mails on the way.  More...

Virus Killer Gives Away Gates
Date&Written by:(15.12.2005- Karan)
Freeware removes Sober & CO. Microsofts free Antivirus tool releases the PC now from 51 of the horrible parasits - under it also Sonys disputed copy protection.  More...

Update For The InterNet Explorer
Date&Written by:(14.12.2005- Karan)
Microsoft locks Trojan out.For the InterNet Explorer is available a new safety update. According to Microsoft it protects the Browser from Trojan attacks.  More...

Update Packs For XP & 2000: New Versions Appeared
Date&Written by:(10.11.2005- Karan)
After Microsofts Patch Day also the unofficial Update Packs for Windows 2000 and XP von Winboard.org in new versions appeared short.  More...

Microsoft Warns of Windows
Date&Written by:(08.11.2005- Karan)
By image file hackers can attain control of the PC. Microsoft recommends urgently to install the new safety patches.  More...

Google Makes New Services Available
Date&Written by:(03.11.2005- Karan)
Google starts new functions: the personalisierbare starting side as well as a beta version of Google print.  More...

Crackes Caper 1.5 Million PCS
Date&Written by:(23.10.2005- Karan)
Succeeded it succeeded to three young dutchmen to develop a gigantic network from did caper computers. A simple worm was sufficient.  More...

Bill Gates Against Copy Protection
Date&Written by:(19.10.2005- Karan)
The Microsoft-boss does not think anything from the copy protection - if it around the DVD successor goes. Maintenance giant Sony had to leave itself fallen sharp criticism.   More...

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